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The essential quality of the messages are what make the products truly unique. These inspired pieces will encourage your loved ones for years to come. These gifts of inspiration will genuinely let them know they are truly loved! All products can be ordered online, securely and safely. Your personalized gifts will be shipped within
1-3 business days.
A Spirit Lifter For All Occasions
Spirit Lifter by Peggie offers framed inspirational personalized messages for mothers, fathers, siblings, children, friends, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, appreciation, edification, graduations, birth announcements, recognition, thank you, sympathy, bereavement, celebration, church events and work events. view gallery
Mothers Day Messages
Mother's Day Message   Personalized Mother's Day Messages are ideal for that special person in your life.  
Mother's Day Message Select from a variety of inspirational messages or use your favorite poem, verse or scripture.
Spirit Lifter Believes
Positive words (God's words) reflects positive images that promotes positive action (faith walk) and gets positive results (God's promises, burden lifted, joy, peace, reunion, resurrection, and put the devil to shame). God's words bring life to a dead situation. It prevents the enemy from planting negative images in your mind and heart towards an individual or situation.
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